DISCLAIMER. The members of Metalheads Against Racism support the three-point declaration on our home page. This FAQ was put together by the MAR webmaster, Mike Meier, in response to questions that have come up in relation to the site. The members do not necessarily agree with every word in this FAQ.

-What's with the Swastika? I thought you were against racism in general, not just Nazis.

Metalheads Against Racism is against ANY form of racism. In our opinion, the crossed-out Swastika emblem has become a symbol of its own through its use by various anti-racist groups and individuals. It's just an emblem meaning that you're against racism. The history of the Swastika itself is a long and complicated one, but it has no bearing on its use here or the meaning of the crossed-out Swastika emblem.

-Fighting racism is all well and good, but what about sexism, homophobia, etc.?

We're tackling a specific problem in the Metal scene, and that problem is racism. There are certainly also sexists and homophobes in the Metal scene, but they're nowhere near as organized as the racists, at least not in Europe. Also, there are no bands openly propagating other forms of discrimination and hate like there are openly racist bands. That's why we consider racism in the Metal scene a serious problem that must be solved.

-You guys are just a bunch of left extremists, aren't you?

No. The webmaster can't vouch for every single person on the members list, but Metalheads Against Racism is NOT a totalitarian movement of ANY kind. If there was a serious problem with left extremists in the Metal scene, we would be fighting them as there is no place for totalitarianism in Metal, no matter what color you paint it in. But the fact is, we have a problem with racists and Neo-Nazis in our scene, not left extremists.

-I think you're abusing Metal for political goals!

Technically, that's not a question... Seriously though, being against racism is not a matter of politics. It's a matter of common sense. Metalheads Against Racism isn't political, it's about stopping a development in the Metal scene that we think has to be stopped.

The hate groups and the bands propagating racism are the ones abusing Metal to propagate their ideologies. If anything, we're fighting against the abuse of Metal for political goals.

-What do you hope to accomplish with this movement?

Running the racists out of the Metal scene. Nothing more, nothing less. Experience shows that the reason there are so many racists at Metal shows is nobody speaks out against them, so they feel comfortable. When somebody stands up to them and lets them know they're not welcome, they usually remove their fascist asses from the premises. If enough people openly speak out against racism, the racists will realize they're not wanted in the Metal scene and leave us alone.

-Why aren't you more specific with the bands you're talking about? You could publish a list of bands that are directly or indirectly supporting racism.

Yes we could, be we won't. Compiling "black lists" of enemies and denouncing others is what totalitarianists do (left or right). It's not our place to point fingers at anyone. From the reactions we've had, it's clear that the people we're talking about know we mean them, and that's good enough.

-Are you saying anyone who isn't a member of MAR is a Nazi?

No, of course not. We're just offering one way of speaking your mind if you're against the racist infiltration of Metal. Other people may have different ways of expressing themselves. MAR is basically the "lazy" way of doing it. Others do their own thing, and that's fine.